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Safety Patrol

We are planning ahead for Minneola Mustang Patrol for the 2020-2021 school year.
If your child has expressed an interest in becoming safety patrol, please fill out an application form and email it to Mrs. Cantrell at
Application Form
Students must meet the following qualifications:
The student must: · be responsible · be a positive role model · have self-control · follow directions · pay attention · be respectful to self and others · be a good leader and show leadership potential · be punctual · have a good attendance record · be mature
In order for your child to maintain his/her status on the Minneola Mustang Patrols your child must:
·       Have no less than C’s on any report card or progress report
·       Have no more than 3 unexcused tardies or absences
·       Have no discipline referrals
·       3 demerits constitutes removal from Safety Patrol (not wearing patrol belt, detention)
·       Discipline Referral or Suspension is automatic dismissal from Safety Patrol
Part of the patrols will be morning patrols and part will be afternoon patrols. The morning patrols need to be here at 7:55 am. The afternoon patrols will need to be here until no later than 3:30. If your child is a bus rider, he/she will be a morning patrol.
Mrs. Cantrell
Mustang Patrols Sponsor