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Out-of-Field Teachers

We have an obligation to notify our school community of the following teachers that are out-of-field. Out-of-field means they are working towards their certification in that particular area. They are able to teach, but must complete courses or testing in the area they are out-of-field in. Any questions please contact Mrs. Watts at 352-394-2600. Thank you.

  • Nicole Ackels, MG English
  • Emily Ashby, MG Math
  • Elisha Fox, ESOL Endorsement
  • Carolyn Godwin, MG English & Elem Ed
  • Nathalie Santana, ESOL Endorsement
  • Chadwyck Wagner, ESOL Endorsement & Elem Ed or Reading Endorsement
  • Tory Robinson, Permanent Substitute
Revised September 19, 2019