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Middle Grades

All Things Middle School Presentation 2024-2025

Below is a list of electives for 2024-2025. Click on the elective name for the course description.

Elective Information

Art 1/2/3

Art 1, no experience necessary. Art 2 & 3 by Teacher approval only.
Dance 1/2 , Intro & Performance Ensemble Intro Dance Tech, no experience necessary. Dance 1, 2 and Performance Ensemble by Teacher approval. ***
Band 1/2 , Symphonic & Percussion Band 1, no experience necessary. Band 2, Symphonic, and Percussion by Teacher approval. ***

Chorus 1/2/3

Chorus 1, no experience necessary, includes music theory. Chorus 2 and 3, prerequisite Chorus 1, assigned by Teacher approval.  ***

Musical Theatre 1

No experience necessary. Includes singing, dancing, acting, reading and history.***

Theatre 1

No experience necessary.
Theatre 2 Prerequisite of Theatre 1. Focus on Tech & Performance. 8th Graders are exempt from prerequisites by Teacher approval only. ***

Theatre Improv

8th Grade class (If possibly will open to 7th Grade)/ Fundamentals of Improv and related exercises/ High School Credit/ Satisfies performing/fine arts for HS Graduation Requirements.

Basic Theatre (Conservatory)

By Audition Only ***
J.R.O.T.C. (Pers Car Sch) 1/2/3 Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, no experience required. JROTC 2 & 3 assigned by Teacher approval.

PE - 6th/7th/8th Grade

Mandatory unless PE waiver is provided.

Team Sports (Basketball)

Basketball assigned by Teacher approval.
Research 1 (Exploring Spanish) No experience necessary. Teacher Recommendation

Research 2 (Study Hall)

Students that feel this will benefit them to keep up with work. Teacher Recommendation.

Research 3 (Robotics)

No experience necessary. Teacher Recommendation

Coding Fundamentals

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Essentials 1/2/3 ICT 1 - 6th grade / ICT 2 - 7th grade / ICT 3 - 8th grade. **NOTE: STUDENTS THAT HAVE COMPLETED CODING FUNDAMENTALS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO TAKE ICT 3**

Speech and Debate


Peer Coun 1 (Peer Mentoring)

8th Grade only, Online Application Required, assigned by Teacher approval.

Environmental Science Honors

8th Grade Only/ High School Credit/ Satisfies equally rigorous science for HS Graduation Requirements

Personal Financial Literacy

8th Grade only/ High School Credit/ Satisfies personal financial literacy for HS Graduation Requirements
Some electives require a fee. Performing Arts classes will have mandatory after school activities and rehearsal requirements.

8th Grade Students

For our students moving on to High School we have a page just for you:

8th Grade Students

FLVS Flex Program

Students who would like to take a course in FLVS Flex program need to get approval from the middle school counselor to do so. Please see Mrs. Burns to discuss your options. Students and parents need to complete the FLVS Approval form before Mrs. Burns will consider approving a course to be taken in FLVS Flex. Students who get approval will be able to take no more than 2 courses in FLVS Flex. Students will have to take the FLVS Flex course(s) from home.

FLVS Approval Form