Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

House System

This program has the potential to transform our school community from a building of students learning to a family of academic scholars. This program will create leaders, foster perseverance, and develop character.

Each house has a color, animal, and qualities associated with it. The goal is for each student to work towards the qualities of that particular house, as well as develop desired character traits associated with Ron Clarks Essential 55.  We have adopted 15 of the Essential 55 for our expectations here at Minneola.

The houses span across the grade levels so they can see and connect with other students in different grade levels. They will remain in their specific houses for the duration of their time here at Minneola Charter. If we create these smaller communities (Houses) within the larger school community, our students will make stronger bonds and connections.

Students will have opportunities to earn points for their house. To earn points for their House they will need to go “above and beyond” and display exemplary traits. For example, picking up trash without being asked to make our school a better place or offering their chair to another without the thought of being recognized. We are encouraging students to do things from the heart without seeking recognition.

Every two weeks students will meet as a grade level in their Houses. For example, all students in Team Reveur will meet with the grade level leaders in Team Reveur. During this house meeting the student in each house that earned the most points for the previous two weeks with be recognized as the House Leader. They will get a special pin to wear on their lanyard. Lesson on the values that we are trying to develop within our students to promote citizenship and well-being with be taught. It is our goal to empower our children with academic excellence, as well as, essential understandings of how to contribute to society with respect, poise, confidence, and kindness.

We can’t wait to see where this takes us as a school family!



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